IMO Releases the IMO-Vega Database (V24.2) 



The IMO-Vega Database, developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and DNV GL AS, puts all the necessary information on safety and pollution prevention requirements applicable to ships at your fingertips.

The application allows your customer to easily search for applicable regulations according to the following criteria:

  • ship date of build
  • ship type
  • length
  • gross tonnage
  • certificate

Uniquely, IMO-Vega contains historical data – including regulations which have been superseded. Therefore, it is an essential tool for anyone involved in shipping: ship- owners and operators, shipbuilders, classification societies, casualty investigators, governments, insurers and underwriters, port authorities, surveyors and many others.

The database includes up-to-date texts such as the following IMO requirements:

  • 1974 SOLAS Convention, including 1978 and 1988 Protocols and all amendments
  • 1966 Load Lines Convention, including 1988 Protocol and all amendments
  • MARPOL, including all amendments
  • IMDG Code and IMDG Code Supplement
  • IAMSAR Manuals, volumes I, II and III
  • IMSBC Code and previous, BC Code
  • International Code of Signals and
  • Maritime Labour Conventions amongst others

Version 24.2 builds on the success of previous versions with new documents enhancing the power of the database. A list of new additions can be viewed here.

IMO-Vega is presently available in two formats: electronic download and internet subscription. The latter is updated regularly throughout the year. Once purchased, the subscription is available from any computer, whilst the electronic download are linked to a specific computer. Internet access is required for the subscription and to install the download.